dave stasiuk architectural design works

Emergent Mediatheque
Class: M.Arch.I Thesis
Professor: Andrew Saunders, Ted Ngai, Richard Serrach
Site Location: San Francisco
Project Type: Individual
Project Date: Fall 2009 / Spring 2010

This Master’s thesis enters the dialogue regarding the role of emergent systems in architectural research by seeking to to understand through application the role that self-organizing emergent growth systems can play in the advancement of architectural theory, and how these emergent systems can simultaneously inform and be the product of multiple design considerations, including the application of program, structure, distribution of space, and architectural effects.

Urban Farm
Class: Architectural Design Studio: Minimal Living
Professor: Axel Heusler
Site Location: Far Rockaway, Queens
Project Type: Individual
Project Date: Fall 2008

The Urban Farm is a studio project whose response to the brief of creating a futuristic community-based utopia in Queens, New York is a sustainable and agrarian residential complex.

Project: Distortion
Class: Project: Distortion
Professor: Niels Jakubiak Andersen (DK), Reese Campbell (US), Demetrios Comodromos (US), Anders Deleuran (DK), Brady Peters (DK), Ali Tabatabai (DK), Martin Tamke (DK)
Project Type: International Design/Build Collaboration
Project Date: Spring 2010

The Distortion Music Festival is an annual five-day event set in Copenhagen, Denmark. In a collaboration between students at both the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, this intensive design/build studio project realized a mobile pavilion that accompanied the festival in three locations.

Class: Architectural Design Studio: Irreducible Limits
Professor: Andrew Saunders
Site Location: University of Pennsylvania
Project Type: Individual
Project Date: Spring 2008

UPenn/Attractors is a studio project that explores the architectural opportunities inherent in the formal and organizational consequences of strange attractors .

Ramses Square: Cairo Master Plan Competition
Office: Method Design
Partners: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos
Colleagues: Center for Design + Development (Partner/Architect), Arup (Transport), Eng-Wong, Taub + Associates (Traffic Planning), Center for Architectural Science + Ecology (Environmental Systems), Yasmine Abdel-Hay (Landscape Architecture).
Project Type: Competition
Project Team: Nick Axel, Erica Andersen, Jason Bean, Ann Cosgrove, Elise DeChard, Rachele Louis, David Stasiuk
Project Date: May - June 2010

Ramses Square, the epicenter of transportation interchange in Cairo, is the focus of an international design competition hosted by the Egyptian government to seek new solutions and opportunities for the overwhelming problems associated with the sprawling and non-cohesive hyperdensification of the city.

Modular Tensegrity
Class: Design Explorations: Material Sensibilities
Professor: Fareh Garba
Project Type: Individual
Project Date: Fall 2009

This Modular Tensegrity system was developed as a means to deploy standardized components that are capable of achieving variable geometry in a surface condition. The compressive elements are wholly modular, with the length of the tensile members the only differentiated parameters applied to the system.

Design Development
Class: Design Development Technical Studio
Professor: Reese Campbell, Demetrios Comodromos, Ivan Markov, David Riebe
Site Location: Lillehammer, Norway
Project Type: Team
Project Team: James L. Brown, David Stasiuk
Project Date: Spring 2009

The Design Development Technical Studio calls for students to identify a schematic design initiated by a professional architecture firm for the purpose of better understanding and negotiating the design development phase of a major architectural project. In this case, the Hafjell Mountain Resort designed by the Bjarke Ingalls Group (BIG) was selected as the basis for our exploration.

Geometric and Material Explorations
Class: Design Studio
Professor: Andrew Saunders
Project Type: Individual
Project Date: Summer 2007

This early studio focused on describing complex geometries, design through diagrammatic transformations and the exploration of intrinsic material characteristics.

Circadian Zoo
Class: Competition Studio
Professor: Chris Sharples, SHoP Architects
Site Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project Type: Team
Project Team: Nick Axel, James L. Brown, John Johanson, Rinara Sharifullina, David Stasiuk
Project Date: Fall 2009

A six-week team-based studio resulted in the Circadian Zoo, an entry to Arquitectums’s 2009 Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition.